Our Mission…


The mission of the L.Y.N. Fund (Love Your Neighbor) is to provide short term financial assistance to female cancer patients in Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida who are in active treatment and recovery.  Many patients are out of work for six months or more.  Helping these patients provides a sense of financial stability instead of worry, stress and anxiety, which can significantly hinder one’s healing process.  Our goal is to assist patients in need to focus on healing and recovering, not on financial stresses of everyday living expenses.  


How We Began Our Journey Together...


Winna, Joanne and Erica met because of Linda Tauber.  Linda, Joanne's sister, was a resident of Palm Harbor, Florida.  She had become friends with Winna from their involvement with little league baseball.  Her friendship with Erica began when their daughters played softball together. 


Thanksgiving, 2009, when Linda was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, the community of Palm Harbor gathered together to help her and her family.  Winna organized a "Gift Card Tree", gathering gift cards donated by people all over Pinellas and Pasco county to give to their family. 


When Linda lost her fight in September, 2010, we were all devastated.  Linda's story, however, encouraged all of us to be more diligent with our mamograms and overall health.  In April 2011, Winna was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She credits Linda with being her guardian angel and prompting her to get checked.  She caught it early and is now cancer free.


Since we have been friends and before Winna started this foundation, we have collectively raised over $100,000 for breast cancer charities, families and friends who have needed financial assistance due to a cancer diagnosis.  We have planned fundraising events in our communities.  We are grateful to Linda for helping to bring us together so we can help patients diagnosed with women's cancers in Pinellas and Pasco counties.




Winna, Joanne and Erica