Linda C

December, 2015


Lindra was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She is currently in active treatment, and we will start paying her rent in January.


Sandra C

December, 2015


Sandra was diagnosed with recurrant invasive uctal, triple negative metastatic breast cancer, stage IV.  The LYN Fund is paying rent, utilities and power during her treatment.


Tina P

November, 2015


Tina was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to ovaries. She had to have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy.  The LYN Fund paid Tina's rent, power and utilities for three months.


"Thank you so much for everything you and the LYN Fund have done for me.  Your generosity has allowed me to concentrate on healing.  May God bless you and everyone at the LYN Fund! I will keep in touch! When I am back on my feet, my wish is to help you help someone else, as you have helped me." ~Tina

Gail D

October, 2015


Gail was diagnosed eight years ago with breast cancer. It recently returned and has metastasized. Currently paying rent, power and car insurance while she is in treatment.


Alexandra A

August, 2015


Alexandra was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The LYN Fund paid her car payment and insurance while she was in treatment.