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As a breast cancer survivor, I saw firsthand how having a cancer diagnosis significantly takes you out of the game of life for quite some time.  Luckily I was a stay at home mother, and didn't have the stress of missing work or possibly losing my job.  Many aren’t so lucky.  After a double mastectomy in 2011 and many complications and six more surgeries, I now find myself on the other side in 2015.  I’m not completely finished with my reconstruction, but I’m very close.  So for the past four years, I’ve been in and out of this game of life. 

Along the way, several friends have been diagnosed with various cancers.  They were physically unable to work, and therefore lost valuable wages.  This created unbelievable panic and worry for them.  My circle of friends gathered many times to collect enough money to pay car payments, electric bills, rent, mortgages.  We gathered gift cards for grocery trips, gas cards for trips to their doctor visits.  Then it would happen to another person.  And another… We went online and created GoFundMe accounts so they could get through the next few weeks.  It became apparent that there is a severe need for help with living expenses for those physically unable to work. 


When my dear friend Lynne got diagnosed with cervical cancer, she was desperate for help.  She had her own business cleaning homes and offices for over 20 years.  She had two children.  She was a single mother.  She worked for as long as she possibly could, probably too long.  How was she going to pay rent?  How was she going to pay her electric bill or car payment?  We did what we could as a community and pulled together enough money for rent for a couple of months, but it just wasn’t enough.  We just lost Lynne, but her legacy is that the L.Y.N. Fund is going to help others.  Love Your Neighbor.  It’s necessary.


Love, Winna

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