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Meet the Team

Board of Directors

“There is a superhero in all of us. We just need the courage to put on the cape.”

Winna Morrin_Spring 2022_edited.jpg

Edwinna "Winna" Morrin

Founder, President & Chairman of the Board, Breast Cancer Survivor and Lead Superhero

Education: BS Business Management
                   University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Winna is the driving force and heart of The LYN Fund. She works tirelessly with members of the board to plan fundraising events, review and approve applications, and will personally deliver funds to approved applicants for living expenses.  Other duties include managing all paperwork, marketing, overseeing the Advisory Board and volunteers, and putting on her Superhero cape every single day.

Dave Morrin_Mar 2022_edited_edited.jpg

David D. Morrin

Treasurer & Super-Bookkeeper

Education: BSBA Finance, University of North Carolina at Charlotte  

David is the Super-Bookkeeper for The LYN Fund and husband to Lead Superhero Winna. His main duty is to oversee financials & keep the books, but he also helps board members approve applications, delivers funds to approved applicants, and provides overall support to the team & his family. In his “real life”, he is the Director of Pricing Strategy at PSCU Financial.

Erica 2019_crop_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Erica Lynford

Vice President & Superhero Sidekick

Education: AA Sales & Marketing, Parks & Leisure Certification

Erica has served on numerous nonprofit boards, has a sales and marketing degree, as well as a degree in parks and leisure services. Since 2003, she has worked for a nonprofit corporation and serves as the Director of Palm Harbor Parks and Recreation. Duties include approval of applications, delivery of funds to approved applicants, fundraising planning and working events, and managing volunteers for fundraising events.


Wanda Fanning

Secretary & Super-Scribe

Education: BS Education, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
                   M Education, Trinity University, San Antonio 

Wanda is LYN's Super-Scribe and champion! She keeps minutes and records, and is the first to say just the right thing at the right time, no matter the situation. An original board member and breast cancer survivor herself, Wanda pays it forward by being active in and helping promote the organization. She's been wearing her super-hero cape for decades, having retired after 42 years as a beloved elementary school teacher. 

Advisory Board Members

Elizabeth Baird | Dina DeFalle | Mary Devine | Ken Keenan | Stacey Kulyk | Elyse Lynford | Karen May | Jayla McMickle | Sheri Perry | Jessica Samson | Chelsea Tierney | Jenny Tierney 

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